How much does a program cost?

All programs are different and therefore each has a cost specific to requirements, location, program size and content. Our custom-made program design parameters always include your budget requirements, and they will be taken into consideration along with everything else.

What is included in the program?

Each program includes experiential facilitators , custom program development, pre-program site visits, program preparation, logistics, equipment and materials and delivery. All programs include third party liability insurance taken out by Paradigm. We are happy to offer further assistance with venue, transportation, and F&B needs.

Can you arrange meals / snacks as a part of the program?

Of Course! Meals and snacks can be arranged through Paradigm. These may include takeaway boxes for the participants to enjoy while they are on the move during the program or an official dinner or banquet to celebrate the end of the day.

Do you provide transportation?

Although transportation is not included in the package, it can be arranged by our logistics manager who is happy to provide you with all the details for your group to travel wherever is necessary.

Can you customise a program for me?

Every program that Paradigm supports is customised to match our client’s individual company and desired outcomes.

What areas/cities do you work in?

To-date, PCI had designed and delivered programs in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shangai, Chong Qing, Yangshou, Bangkok, Singapore, Sabah, Philippines, Hainan, Kanchanaburi, Seoul, Korea, Tokyo, Japan. We work closely with experienced local facilitators on the ground in all our locations and are always happy to discuss potential new locations.