Recruiting Creatively Builds a Successful HK Team for a Strong British Brand…


Dates run: April – May 2014, Hong Kong
Experience Created:

By researching and disseminating the company’s brand, 100 staff were hired over 4 days using ‘on brand recruitment’. Each candidate was asked to come into a venue and observed to see if they reflected Jamie’s Italian’s FAMILY values.

The process culminated in some brand immersion days and finally a large celebration with each of the participants coming in to celebrate their successful hires.

“We would not have been able to launch our restaurant without the committed support of the Paradigm team. When we first engaged Paradigm we were more of a project planning team than an established business. We moved from a 7 person project planning team to business of more than 100 people within the space of 2 weeks. We couldn’t have done this successfully if we hadn’t identified the right candidates, and we wouldn’t have identified the right candidates without the support of Paradigm. They were brilliant and I consider them as an integrated part of our business rather than a 3rd party. Thank you for everything.”

William Lyon, Director – Big Cat Group (Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong)

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